Thing from the Navy Days

  After retiring from AT&T, and thinking about the old Navy days, I started to collect all the things that I run across from the Navy Days.

   The first box was out grown in about two months. So I started a new and bigger box.  The new box will do for awhile.

   I thought that you would like to take a look at some of the things that I have found.

   Just to see if you remember what some of the things are, I have put the description below the picture.

  Maybe that will start the gray matter going again, and bring back some old memories.

   I hope you have some fun with this....

I will start off with my boot camp picture.
I found it in the bottom draw of the dresser, under everything.

U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL 

Recruit Training, Company A22 

29 Mar 1961 

C. R. del Mus  EN1

You remember this from the first days in the Navy.

This is a close stop, and was used for any thing that had to be tied.

Recruit Petty Officer

If you are in the right place at the right time with the right answer, 

you get one of these.

Navy Unit Commendation
Awarded to the crew of the USS Proteus AS19, March 1963
This is the original ribbon I received in the little brown envelope

Standard Navy Wallet
It was the only one you could buy in the ship's store

You'll remember this from your first liberty from boot camp.
This was warn on the inside of the cuffs on dress blues.
aka "Liberty Sleeves"

Mats Boarding Pass

This is from October 1962

This is my ticket to Holy Loch, Scotland

Map of the Firth of Clyde

This is a map of the Holy Loch on the River Clyde The blue line
on the map shows the route that the Box-L took from
the Holy Loch to Cardwell Bay at Gourock

Striker Badges

If I could only make up my mind.

Finally, a Boatswain Mate helped me with my decision.

He assigned me to the boat division and the 50 foot liberty boat.

Well, if I'm going to play a Boatswain then I will need some tools of the trade.  First a Boatswain Pipe, this I can practice on the boat runs. It will probably drive the passengers crazy, but they're going on liberty while I have the duty.

The Boatswain's Pipe

Next, how about a Boatswain Knife

The Boatswain's Knife from the ship's store on the USS Proteus
The leather case and lanyard I made.

Now we will need a fid to help make the lines for the boats.

The Fid is used to open the lay of the line when splicing line.

And if you have a fid you may need a marlinespike

The Marlinespike is like the fid, but is used on wire, or wire rope.

And to complete the ensemble, we will need a Palm,
not a Palm Pilot, just a Palm.

The Palm is used when sewing the sail canvas or leather.

It helps to push a sail needle through the canvas or leather.

Sail Needles
Used for both canvas and leather

That is just some of the tools of the boatswain mate.
The Boatswain Mate needs one more item for the dress blues or

dress whites, and that is a Lanyard for the Boatswain's Pipe.

The white lanyard is worn with the blues, and

a blue lanyard is worn with the whites.

Ash Tray from the days on the Hunley in 1963 - 64.

And I never smoked...

Radiological Monitor Badge

From the 40th anniversary Site One Ball

1961 - 2001

The first reunion of the Holy Loch.

The Pint

I found this in the coxswain's flat of my boat.

It is a sonar probe cover.

When on the Proteus I recovered this line
from the USS George Washington SSBN 598

The Proteus shoulder patch from my uniform.

My Hunley shoulder patch is still on my uniform in the attic.
And the Squadron shoulder patch.

Call Signs for the boats.

November  Sierra  Quebec  Yankee

was the call sign of the USS Hunley

That's all I have found up to now but I'll keep looking...


PURPOSE: All Connecticut veterans with qualifying wartime military service are eligible to receive the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal.

ELIGIBILITY: In order to receive the Connecticut Veterans Medal, the veteran must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Submit documentary proof of qualifying military wartime service (90 days wartime service, unless the war or operation lasted less than 90 days);
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LIMITATIONS: Awards will not be made posthumously.

One last item from the Greenock Telegraph dated  Thursday, 17 May 2001

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