Some of The History of SubRon 14

The USS Hunley  AS31
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  "Boatswain's Mates are true shipmates!"

My jacket patch from Feb. 63

This is a bronze medallion that was cast in a commercial foundry for the
USS Hunley and SubRon 14

USS Hunley  AS31

USS Hunley  AS31

The two Box L's  Number 1 on the left and Number 2 on the right.
They are tided along side the YFNB 31.
In there day they were Harbor Minelayers, they are
64 feet long and are powered by one GM 6-71 Diesel marine engine.
To the Near Right is the bow of the Number 1  50 footer.


#1 Box L 64' Liberty Boat to Cardwell Bay
Check out the silhouette in the wheel house, that's me.

The 4 Mic boats all in one place tided along side the YFNB 31.

26 foot motor whale boat out for a test run
that failed. So I took the 50 footer out to retrieve it.


Here we have the Engineman of the #2 Officer Motor Boat.
Behind him we have the two Box L 64 foot boats.
In the lower right corner you can see only the port forward gunwale
of the 50 footer that retrieved the motor whale boat just below the bow.


Babe Chapman (on the right) is the coxswain of the
#2 Offers Motor Boat.
Babe is the Coxswain that taught me on the 50 footer,
but that is another story.......


A night shot of the USS Hunley

Another night shot of the USS Hunley

A good shot of the sail of the USS Cobbler
along the port side of the Hunley at Holy Loch, Scotland


Not to be out done the British stopped by too.

One time the Hunley left the Holy Loch to go to sea and we had a good time.
This was very interesting.  We had target practice with the 3 inch 50's
and that was spectacular. Take a look.......

3 inch 50's on the starboard side Feb. 64
On the left side of the picture the large round object is a fender for
the ship.  Notice the Bravo flag is up.
The picture was taken on the boat deck aft of the crane


November Sierra Quebec Yankee.

Babe Chapman (left)  Jan Pero (center) John Thomas (right)

OK, OK  So you want to see a picture of me (then)

This is Mike Stover from Akron, Ohio
He was the coxswain of the number 1  40 footer.
Notice the frame number  1-73-0-L
that would make this the main deck, frame 73 Living spaces.


Having some fun with the SP at Ardnadam Pier
Buzzard (left) (his real name is Jerry Pitman)
Carl Everett coxswain (center)


What fun would we have if we didn't have a Milk Run.
Dale Miller coxswain (left), Ron Price BM (on the boat)
 Dan Bassino (sp) engineman (right)
The black containers on the left are ice cream and
the fresh fruit and vegetables are behind, the brown
containers on the right are milk. Hence Milk Run.......


Lance Timmer a crew member on the liberty boat.
Feb '64.


Me again with the Navy Exchange in the background.
My 50 footer was on a liberty run when the other
50 footer was on the Milk Run.


This is George Tamborini from New Haven, CT
he was incharge of the side cleaners.
Looks like he has about three men over
the side by the count of the lines tided down.


If any one can add the names to the pictures that are missing them,
that would be greatly appreciated.  45 years IS a long time.
Who could have thought we would be doing something
like this with the old pictures.......  

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USS Hunley '63-'64
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