Boot Camp Roll Call
U.S. Naval Training Center
Great Lakes, IL
Recruit Training
Company A22
29 Mar 1961
C. R. del Mus  EN1

I found my old Boot Camp picture from 29 March 1961, and on the back of the group photo were some of the names of the people that I spent that eye-opening and glorious time with.

I did the best I could on the spelling of the names, and cities, as most were hand written.

If you find your name on the list, or if you were in company A22 at that time, and are missing from the list, send a eMail to me and I'll add you to the list.
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First Name  Last Name,  City,  State
James Ackerman,  Scranton,  PA
Dee Bratteal,  Arden,  DE

Phil Bright,       ,   DE

Ricardo Casaine,  Uniondale,  LI NY

Lou Cessosim,  Seaford,  LI NY

Jim Collins,  West Haven,  CT

Tony Comilla,  Cleveland,  OH

Frank Cooper,  Dayton,  OH

Jim Dixon,  Cincinnati,  OH

Steve Dorfman,  Brooklyn,  NY

Joseph Ebitz,  Long Island,  NY

       Faughian,         ,  NY

Gily Feringa,  Poughkeepsie NY

Victor Formica,  New Haven,  CT

Joe Fraboano,  Boston,  MA

Bob Ginnett,  Elmont, IL,  NY

Leonard Goldman,  Trenton,  NJ

Andrew Grotz,  Chicago,  IL

Peter Jay,  Lindenhurst, LI,  N Y

Ronnie Johansson,  Hyde Park,  NY

Press Johnson,      ,   NY

Bob Jost,  
Fredrick Keller,  Freeport,  LI NY

Robert Kennedy, Jr.,  New Haven,  CT

Buddy Koch,  Farmingdale,  NY

Stanley Kovalski,  Boston,  MA

Johnie LaBatt,  Seaford,  LI NY

Tom Labeum,  Uniondale,  LI NY

Joe Larte,  Freeport,  NY

Harry Luke,       ,   DE

Alan Maine,  Wilmington,  DE

Terry Marchal,  Charleston,  WV

Walter McAir, Jr.,  Long Island,  NY

Mickey Ruin,  Amityville,  NY

Melvin Satinsky,  Philadelphia,  PA

Robert Scandlon,  Cleveland,  OH

Peter Sclafani,  Brooklyn,  NY

Alonzo Shuler,  Akron,  OH

Buz Simpson,  Buffalo,  NY

Richie Slator,         ,   NY

George Sodaitis,  Merick, LI NY

Bill Suggett,  Bronx,  NY

Bill Sullo,  Freeport,  NY

Jerry Woods,  Fulton,  IL

Bob Zang,  New York,  NY

Peter J.,     Cleveland,  OH

             ,  Rat Island,  AK

George  ,        ,  Cleveland,  OH

Bill        ,   Valley Stream,  NY

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