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A Letter from Frank T. Cable
to my father.
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USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40) was built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company, Seattle, WA. The ship was christened on January 14, 1978 by Mrs. Rose A. Michaelis, wife of Admiral F. H. Michaelis, then Chief of Naval Material. FRANK CABLE was officially commissioned a ship of the United States Navy on February 5, 1980.

Named in honor of Mr. Frank Cable, a pioneer in submarine engineering and development. Mr. Cable's first introduction to submarines was shortly after the turn of the century when he assisted with electrical work on the submarine HOLLAND after it accidentally sank pierside. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cable found himself as engineer-in-charge and trial captain for HOLLAND.

Many of his ideas had to be incorporated into HOLLAND before the Navy accepted it as its first successful submarine. Mr. Cable's other accomplishments include helping train the Navy's first submarine crews, and participating in the design and construction of the "A," "R" and "S" classes    of submarines. He also organized the New London Ship and Engine Company which built the first marine diesel engine in the United States. His company was later incorporated into the Electric Boat Company, now a subsidiary of General Dynamics. He remained active with the company until his death in 1945 at age 82.

A Letter from the General Forman at EB
to my father


The Explorer Built by Simon Lake


Simon Lake's Explorer

The Plaque at the site in
Milford, Connecticut


The Bow

The Port Side

The Stern

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